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Debi LMHC, BC-TMH, MCAP, EMDR - psychotherapist and a mental health counselor, at the Jupiter Inlet, Jupiter, Fl

Mental Health Counselor In Jupiter Fl And Palm Beach Gardens

Debi Douglas LMHC, BC-TMH, MCAP, EMDR runs a psychotherapy practice called TYLA Mental Health. TYLA stands for Turn Your Life Around, and without doubt, Debi makes it her business to to turn your life right around. TYLA is a psychotherapy counseling practice located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Mental Health Is Your Mental Wealth!

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Mental health issues are on the rise, but Debi is super passionate about helping you to buck that trend, and improve your life. Debi's passion to help others means she has worked hard to become the best mental health counselor she can be.

Psychotherapy Works!

Psychotherapy works, but more specifically, Debi's counseling methods work. She has a stunning track record that demonstrates success with counseling clients in both Jupiter Fl, and Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.

How Can Debi’s Psychotherapy Help You?

Debi can offer you a range of mental health services. These are:
But wait! If you're considering using psychotherapy to improve your life, but you're also apprehensive and worried about starting, then please worry no more. Debi is approachable and compassionate.

Are You Near Jupiter Or Palm Beach Gardens In Florida?

If you're located in and around Jupiter, mental health counseling is available to you through Debi's practice. This is also the case if you live in and around Palm Beach Gardens in Florida. So hesitate no more. Set up a free initial psychotherapy consultation with Debi now.

The free initial consultation will be conducted over the telephone, so it's easy. It gives you a chance to find out if Debi is right for you and also allows Debi to explain how psychotherapy can work for you, in your particular situation.

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What Happens During The Free Telephone Consultation?

Firstly, the free consultation is easy. It takes place on the telephone at a time to be arranged. You can get started by clicking one of the buttons on this page. This is your chance to take your first steps towards a stronger, better you.

The free consultation is your chance to ask everything you want to know about therapeutic methods and how they'll help you. You will get a chance to speak with Debi and hear for yourself, just how life-changing a course of therapy with TYLA can be.

Arrange Your Initial Free Consultation!

Click the button below to get your free initial phone session with Debi. It’s easy to do!
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Florida Locations

Debi's psychotherapy counseling practice is located in Florida, in both Jupiter and in Palm Beach Gardens at
  • 1449 Jupiter Park Dr #18, Jupiter, FL 33458 and at
  • 3307 Northlake Blvd, Ste B104, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403.
respectively. Both Florida locations are easily accessible and have plenty of parking. You can look forward to a fulfilling, joyful, life-enhancing experience helping to you to truly enjoy and live your best life.

Common Questions About Therapy

What Does A Psychotherapist Do?

Psychotherapists listen to their clients in compassionate ways to help them work through emotional issues and mental health challenges. They are attuned to the psychological needs of clients but can also recognise and treat stress, defence mechanisms and negative learned responses.

What Is Psychotherapy ?

Psychotherapy is all about helping with mental health and emotional issues, and some more severe, psychiatric disorders. The psychotherapist will be trained to help the client explore and resolve deeply felt emotional issues by using proven coping strategies.

Together, the client and the therapist, will develop new ways to look at and deal with problems and past traumas. Professional psychotherapy is always confidential. If you'd like to see how therapy can change your life for the better, and you live close to Palm Beach Gardens Fl, or Jupiter Fl, then request your free initial consultation.

Do Psychotherapists Help?

If you get the right one for you, yes they do! The right counselor or psychotherapist can make a huge positive difference to your life. It is therefore very important to find the counselor who is the best fit for you and your situation.

In order to help you do this, TYLA Mental Health offers an initial free phone consultation to give you a chance to test out if our approach to psychotherapy is a good and comfortable match for you, your emotional status and your personality. Live close to Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter? Request your free initial consultation.

Why Is Psychotherapy Important?

Psychotherapy is important as it allows people with diverse and varying backgrounds and problems to find an equilibrium, and to achieve good mental health, well-being, education and tolerance of others. You could say that is was essential for social, interpersonal and family harmony. Live in or around Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter? Request your free initial consultation.

What is The Difference Between Psychotherapy and Counseling?

There is more skill at use, and training involved to become a psychotherapist. Psychotherapists are trained professionals . A psychotherapist will be trained to give counseling but a counselor may not have qualifications to be psychotherapist. Live close to Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter Florida? Request your free initial consultation.

Where Is The Best Psychotherapy In Jupiter?

You might think we're biased but we believe we offer the best counseling in Jupiter, Fl for mental health issues such as couples counseling, depression and anxiety. Debi is a warm, compassionate and effective counselor, whose love for life is infectious. Now that's an infection we want you to catch!

Live close to Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens, Florida? Request your free initial consultation.
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