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Updated 03-Oct-2020 - First Published 23-Feb-2019 by Debi Douglas

Why Should You Choose Me As Your Therapist?

Because therapy is all about you and I am focused on you.

You need to trust your therapist, but trust is something your therapist has to earn. But earning trust takes time, and that's a problem. When choosing a therapist you'll simply have to listen to your gut.

But going with your gut feeling about a new therapist can be daunting.

How I Will Help You

The more I practice, the more I want to serve people. The bottom line is, I want to serve you.

When you work with me, I do not act merely as a sounding board, forcing you to figure it all out by yourself. On the contrary - I prepare myself for battle. We do not go into an ordinary session together. We go into war. A war where we are the victors, and you will overcome the struggles you face on a daily basis.

My goal is to ensure you feel better. I am driven to make you feel better. I could talk about my credentials and experience all day long, and I will mention these at the end. Right now I want to focus on outcomes.

The key factor to success in therapy is the maintenance of good communication between you and your therapist and a growing understanding. We are in this together. Our joint mission will require commitment and that you invest yourself in the process.

Be sure! I am all in. Let me share with you why I am 100% committed and how you can tell that I am here for you.

  1. You can choose to meet with me on weekends.
  2. If it serves you, I can meet with you as early as 8:00 am in the morning and as late as 9:00 pm at night.
  3. You will never be rushed out of the office nor off the phone. I will not be glancing at my watch.
  4. There will be sufficient time in between appointments on my schedule to allow for any unplanned extra time we may need together.
  5. If you call me and I am not with another client, I will answer the call and respond to you. You are my client even when we are not in session together.
  6. Your calls are always important and will always be answered. Even if you have to leave a message, I will call you back.
  7. You will receive meaningful homework assignments to empower and motivate you when you are away from the therapy session.
  8. You will be specifically included in my prayers.
  9. You always hear the truth from me.
  10. Your story is important and I will listen to it wholeheartedly.
  11. I am able to meet with you face to face for therapy sessions, if you live in the Jupiter, FL and Palm Beach Gardens, FL, areas.
  12. I am able to meet with you online for therapy sessions, if you live anywhere in Florida or, on the island of Jamaica.

Your Therapist Is Me - Here's Why

Clients have consistently reported I have been the only therapist to get them to talk; to reveal and disclose many hurtful, painful life experiences they'd held onto for many years.

These are real life testimonials from real life people. Confidently, I believe this speaks for itself. Hearing from people of different backgrounds and experiences are a testimony of my skills and capabilities of working effectively with you.

What I took away from the first conversation I had with Ms Debi was that I sensed that not only I could trust her, I also sensed she took her job very seriously and genuinely had my best interest in mind.
Mr T - Treated for addition

Debi definitely changed my life. I had been addicted to alcohol for fifteen years. In order to have any chance at recovery, I would need to make difficult decisions and drastic changes in my life.
Mr J - treated fr alcohol abuse

Debi has been an important part of my growth for a couple of years. She has seen me go through different stages in my life and has also helped me grow as a person at each level.
Ms F - treated for emotional distress

Debi has been wonderful. She has played an instrumental part in my journey through divorce and continual emotional wellness. I feel like I am finally making progress.
Mrs J - treated for anxiety and depression

Debi is awesome. I would absolutely recommend her for any type of counseling. She helped my partner & I through our first relationship counseling experience and guided me through individual counseling as well. She really helped me to self reflect and look deeper at things about myself that I could improve and do differently so that I would in turn receive different outcomes. 

She was definitely a blessing in my life & my partner’s life and we are doing much better because of her. I appreciate all that she has done. She has a great spirit & energy that makes you feel more comfortable about going to therapy. Thank you so much Debi.
Ms W - treated for codependency and relationships

Debi is an amazing therapist. I started seeing her for EMDR and I was immediately comfortable with her. She helped me explore some of the trauma I was dealing with and allowed me to process it in a way that brought me such peace. She brings such compassion to each session. I was having surgery for the first time and experiencing so much anxiety about it. Debi made herself available to talk and pray with me the morning of my surgery. She has been such an amazing support and I would recommend her to anyone seeking a therapist!
Ms P - treated for trauma and anxiety 

We were highly satisfied with the counseling we received from Debi. She was kind, compassionate and honest in her guidance. She made us feel we could be open and honest without any judgment
Mr and Mrs C - treated for marital conflicts

My Qualifications

So with all the mushy, awesome, kinda cool stuff my clients have to say about me, here are my credentials, specialities and treatment experiences below:

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor - State of Florida MH #12988
  • Board Certified Telemental Health Provider for the State of Florida - BC-TMH #417
  • Master’s Certified Addiction Professional - MCAP #100339
  • Clinical and Counseling Psychologist for Jamaica - #12-0175
  • Qualified Supervision for Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns - State of Florida
  • Trained EMDR Therapist
  • Masters of Art in Counseling Psychology - Trinity International University, Florida

I am experienced in treating Addictions, Anger Management, Anxiety, Couples, Depression

I integrate a number of approaches depending on what I am treating but here are the main interventions I use: EMDR, CBT, DBT, Solution Focused Therapy and Christian Counseling.


Debi Douglas
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Florida
Qualified Supervisor

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In case of emergency, call 911, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or your local hospital.

Everyone Welcome

Although Debi is a qualified Christian therapist, please know that whatever your beliefs, in her practice, everyone is warmly welcomed.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Florida
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