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What's My Personality Like?

Updated 02-Aug-2019 - First Published 02-Aug-2019 by Debi Douglas

You live in my area, near Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens Florida, and you're thinking about therapy. You've checked a few websites, and now you're wondering what the therapists are really like.

Will you get on with the psychotherapist you selected? How will you know until it's too late? In this video post I'm trying to give you a flavor of what I'm like as a person. So you can feel comfortable to give me call and get a free initial consultation.

During that consultation we'll get the chance to discuss how we can work together to achieve your personal goals? Sounds good?

Before conducting an actual personality assessment, I want to tell you that I have always been a joyful, vibrant, fun-loving, sensitive and passionate individual who loves people and who loves life. I realize that not everyone is made this way, so please don't read this as in any way boastful. We are all very different. But this is me.

Myers Briggs

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a personality assessment that helps one understand his or her way of viewing the world.

The clinical personality type I ascribe to from this assessment is the extroverted, sensing, feeling and judging profile. This personality profile describes me as a person who directs energy and attention to the outer world, and receives energy from external events, experiences, and interactions.

According to this assessment, people with sensing preferences, observe the world around them and are skilled at recognizing the practical realities of a situation.

My feeling profile makes decisions on the basis of personal or social values with the goal of harmony and recognition of the individual. Feeling types tend to focus on personal values, subjective viewpoints and people-oriented discussions.

The judging component processes the outside world through thinking or feeling.

I believe it's a true assessment of who I am. My personality has molded me into a boundary loving, client-centered therapist who interprets the world of my clients very well.

As I continue to counsel in the field of psychology, I have the privilege of experiencing my personality come alive as it helps to transform broken and disheartened people. Therapy given my way will be instrumental in helping one build hope and enjoy a brighter future.


Debi Douglas
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Florida
Qualified Supervisor

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Although Debi is a qualified Christian therapist, please know that whatever your beliefs, in her practice, everyone is warmly welcomed.

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