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What Is My Experience As A Psychotherapist In Jupiter, Florida?

Updated 04-Oct-2020 - First Published 02-Aug-2019 by Debi Douglas

Psychotherapist In Juvenile Detention Centers

When I started my Masters in counseling psychology in 2009, I was blessed at that same time to work in a juvenile detention center for at-risk females in a residential program.

I provided them with group counseling, Bible studies, spiritual disciplines and individual counseling.

Psychotherapist For Preschool Children

Throughout the next 10 years to the present day, I worked with preschool children, teachers and parents. This was performed in a preschool setting using play therapy, affective therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive integrated therapy, and filial therapy.

Further to this, I worked with agencies providing in-home counseling to children and families.

I participated in family court related hearings and served as a liaison for specific services and resources to other professionals and agencies.

Spanish Speaking Psychotherapist

I have provided mental health services to in their native Spanish language, to the Latin and Hispanic communities in Palm Beach County for children and their families.

Psychotherapist For Addiction

I have served in treatment centers for substance/chemical addiction and dual diagnosis, working with men and women of all ages to fight the real struggle of addiction.

Christian Psychotherapist

I have had the amazing blessing to practice in some of these settings as a Christian counselor with faith based practices, Christian counseling, and Biblical principles to men and women who acknowledge the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

I'm An Experienced, And Well-Rounded Psychotherapist

You can see from my potted history here, that I've covered lots of bases. I believe this makes me stronger psychotherapist, and indeed the best psychotherapist I can be. Problems often overlap and flow out and affect other ares of life. I have you covered.

Last but certainly not least, I now work in private practice offering counseling to individuals, couples and families in a safe, compassionate and caring environment.

My experience, unique skill set, personality and love for people have been an incredible and fulfilling journey. I have been blessed to serve in my community for the past 10 years and going strong!


Debi Douglas
Licensed Mental Health Counselor Florida
Qualified Supervisor

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In case of emergency, call 911, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or your local hospital.

Everyone Welcome

Although Debi is a qualified Christian therapist, please know that whatever your beliefs, in her practice, everyone is warmly welcomed.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Florida
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