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Poems About Anxiety

My Poems About Anxiety

Updated 04-Oct-2020 - First Published 27-May-2019 by Debi Douglas

It can be therapeutic to get your thoughts out on paper. I found that once I started writing, the words kept flowing. Why don't you give it try.

Sneaking Anxiety

Anxiety sneaks up on me, and knocks me to my knees.
Invading my mind, like a thief in the night, all courage fails me.
I turn in flight.
Why must I escape a crowded room?
With only nerves for company, in my distracted gloom?
I hide in a bathroom, and shove the demon away.
Smile, re-enter the spotlight, grope my way, through the day.
This poem is to illustrate, not frustrate,
The fence that keeps me tense.
Render me invisible, when my discomfort is laid bare,
In a world so cruel, and unthinkable,
I need to find a prayer.

Come calm come. Calm my nerves today.
Come calm come. Spare me another day.
Scared and alone, I jump out of bed;
Fearing the thoughts that are in my head.
Why do I fear the unknown?
Why do I clone what isn't yet sown?
Before having proof of the outcome,
I carry my muck, and so much yuck.
Breathe oh breathe, yet for another second.
Breathe oh breathe, yet for another minute.
Breathing won’t help, I say to myself.
What good will it do, if I’m always blue.
Keep on worrying oh my soul.
Keep on worrying because this is so.
I carry my worry in a ten ton lorry,
As the space in my head is already blurry.
Because it’s filled with oh so much worry.

I wish I could understand my weird sensations inside,
But each time I try, it runs and hides.
Will I ever be able to capture
That ugly rapture inside?

Anxiety In Shakespeare

Anxiety is a personal subject, and as such, anxiety has been the subject of poems, plays and novels of famous poets and writers since publications began.   You only have to think of Shakespeare to remember one of the most well-known speeches from his body of work. Of course I’m talking about the soliloquy from Hamlet, that starts “to be or not to be”. In this speech Hamlet says

To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them?—To die,—to sleep

William Shakespeare

This is a speech given by Hamlet in Act 1 Scene 1 of the play of the same name.  In it, he is in a state of high anxiety, and one solution to considers is suicide.  

But there is a question clearly, in Hamlet's mind about the morality of such a final and violent personal decision.  He asks out loud - if there is a point to living when life throws so much at us that is painful.  

These questions, about the point of life, the anxiety of day-to-day living, are ancient questions that have not changed. Anxiety is a natural consequence of the human condition and like Hamlet we may ask ourselves difficult questions, or searching desperately for solutions to the problems in our lives, from time to time. 

But today, therapy teaches us that there are ways we can learn to cope effectively with life's stresses. With sustained effort and a positive attitude, we can find ways to extract more enjoyment and more fulfilment from our lives.  It's not easy to find solutions like these on your own, which is why therapy can be of great use.

Don't Worry - Get Therapy!

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