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Ground Rules For A Successful Marriage

Premarital Counseling

Updated 04-Oct-2020 - First Published 03-Apr-2019 by Debi Douglas

Before entering into a long term relationship, couples normally want to be, if not 100% sure, 99.9% certain that their marriage will last a lifetime. 

Brides and grooms plan their weddings weeks, months, sometimes years in advance, in anticipation of a beautiful and life-changing ceremony. They invest time, money, energy and emotion in order to achieve this lasting memory.

Couples Should Invest As Much Time In Premarital Counseling

During premarital counseling, a thorough examination of each partner will be performed. It is an opportunity to discover how each person

  • communicates,
  • feels about money,
  • has experienced past and present family dynamics,
  • reacts to stress and conflicts,
  • approaches spirituality and religious beliefs
  • feels about children attending a faith-based school, or not

These are some basic fundamentals of each individual's worldview, but often times, couples do not think about whether or not their partner is a good fit, or suitable as a lifetime partner.

There are many issues to process, discuss, reveal and express before you take that marital leap of faith.

I recommend, before a decision is made, even before the actual engagement is proposed, couples do a thorough 8 week premarital counseling with me to determine if the person you want to marry is truly the person you want to share your life.

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Areas addressed in our sessions include but are not limited to (as this is a thorough process which you will be glad you did!)

  • better understanding self and partner,
  • how each partner reacts to certain circumstances,
  • post-wedding, what if scenarios role played,
  • thought provoking questions,
  • communication style,
  • realistic expectations,
  • marriage involving a non-Christian
  • assessments including a family history analysis and a Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis,
  • identity versus intimacy,
  • finances,
  • the question of sex, roles and authority in marriage, and raising children.

I assure you, that once you have completed my premarital counseling, you'll enter into marriage with a much better understanding of yourself and your partner.  The chances of you second-guessing your decision will be far smaller than before you started this process!!!

Debi Douglas - Psycotherapist - Jupiter Florida

About Debi Douglas

Debi Douglas LMHC, BC-TMH, MCAP, EMDR is a qualified licensed mental health counselor and a Board Certified Telemental Health Provider for the State of Florida. She is an Associate Licensed Clinical & Counseling Psychologist for the country of Jamaica. Debi has 10 years clinical experience. Throughout this time she has provided immigration psychological evaluations, psychotherapy for addiction, depression, couples counseling, anxiety counseling, premarital counseling, Christian counseling and anger management. Debi speaks both English and Spanish fluently.


Debi Douglas
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