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TYLA Mental Health delivers counseling services to bring lasting peace and joy. Say goodbye to the pain of mental health problems within a strong Christian framework. These methods work well, whatever your faith and for those who follow no religion.

I'm Debi Douglas LMHC, BC-TMH, MCAP, EMDR. In my Florida practice, everyone is warmly welcomed. I work with people in and around Jupiter FL and Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

I strive to offer the best mental health counseling possible, and provide therapy for depression and anxiety, but have a special interest in
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  • Debi Changed My Life

    Debi definitely changed my life. I had been addicted to alcohol for fifteen years. In order to have any chance at recovery, I would need to make difficult decisions and drastic changes in my life. Debi helped me to understand this, and she helped me find the courage within myself to do what was needed. 

    She continued to work with me, and provided me with invaluable insights and coping techniques which have been instrumental in my recovery. 

    I’ve now been sober for two years. I can say without a doubt that I would not be in recovery without Debi’s help. Debi helped me to change my life. I’ll be forever grateful to her for what she has done for myself and my family.

    Mr J
    Treated For Alcohol Abuse
  • Thank You For Always Being Patient

    Debi has been an important part of my growth for a couple of years now. She has seen me go through different stages in my life and has also helped me grow as a person at each level. 

    Therapy has been a great outlook for me and I think Debi has a gift in reaching others. She continually helps me get through difficult times. Thank you for always being patient and lending me your time when I’ve needed it.
    Ms F
    Treated For Emotional Distress
  • I Sensed I Could Trust Her

    What I took away from the first conversation I had with Ms Debi was that I sensed that not only I could trust her, I also sensed she took her job very seriously and genuinely had my best interest in mind. From there our therapist – client relationship took flight. For the first time in my life, I felt comfortable enough to journey back into my childhood where I dare step foot for over 35 yrs, the hurt and pain being too great.

    Confidently knowing that I had a therapist which whom I trusted, I experienced a procedure known in the field as EMDR. With an open and willing mind we were able to journey back and open up some doors I thought were shut and locked forever in my past. While trusting and following my therapist lead I discovered a new found freedom in addressing those very things which once haunted me from an early age. This would not have been possible without the professional, guided, help of Ms Debi Douglas
    Mr T
    Treated For Addition

Mental Health Services Offered In JUPITER FL And PALM BEACH GARDENS FL

Psychological evaluations for immigration, extreme hardship waiver letters for immigration, Christian counseling, mental health counseling, depression counseling, marriage counseling, anxiety counseling. Please note all therapies are available online or in person.

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In case of emergency, please access emergency assistance by calling 911, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or your local hospital. For community information and referral sources, please call 211.


Qualified Supervisor for Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns


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Everyone Welcome

Although I am a qualified Christian therapist, please know that whatever your beliefs, in my practice, everyone is warmly welcomed.

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